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An Affiliate of OAUG


Membership to Gateway OATUG is FREE but in order to join, you must complete an OATUG profile.

Neither Geo membership nor OATUG membership is required to attend live events. However, access to the archive of conference papers and presentations requires an OATUG membership. We therefore encourage you to join OATUG, not only so that you can access the papers and presentations, but also to take advantage of ALL the benefits OATUG has to offer.

Gateway OATUG Complimentary Membership

Gateway OATUG does not require an OATUG paid membership but you must have an OATUG profile to become a complimentary member of Gateway OATUG.

If you have an OATUG profile follow these steps to become a member:

1. Go to the OATUG website. OAUG Website

2. Login with your credentials

3. Click on the "My OATUG Profile" button

4. Select "Community"

5. Select "Geos/SIGS"

6. Find Gateway OATUG from the list of groups

7. Check the "Participate" box

8. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page

Congratulations you have just joined Gateway OATUG!

Repeat the process to join other Geos/SIGS.

If you do not have an OATUG profile, follow these steps:

1. Go to the OATUG website.OAUG Website

2. Click on the "Create a Profile" button

3. Click on the "Create a New OATUG Profile" button

4. Fill out the information and click "Submit"

OATUG Paid Membership

We also encourage you to join the OATUG for the additional education, networking, communication and advocacy available through this global organization. If you would like more information on OATUG memberships, please click here.

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